Tochnog Professional is a Finite Element program offering a wide variety of geotechnical and mechanical options; modern material laws including the most recent rate independent and viscous hypoplasticity models; stress, temperature and groundwater pressure analysis; lagrangian and eulerian mesh in space; quasi-static and dynamic calculations; a full libary of isoparametric elements in 1D, 2D and 3D and also featuring typical structural elements like beams, interfaces, springs, etc.; geometry based boundary conditions; mesh independent postprocessing by selecting physical points, lines and surfaces; 2D and 3D mesh refinement; phased modelling stages and extensive parallelisation. You can download at this page (a trial version is also available). Visit also our Youtube tutorials.



FEAT delivers turn key dedicated special software products to customers; we use modern programming tools like the C/C++ programming language, Qt of Trolltech to garantuee a platform independent GUI , VTK to deliver high-end graphics enabling clear and fast insight in results.

Applications range from special purpose pre- and postprocessing for the Tochnog Professional FE program and standalone software offering visualisation and steering of in-field measurements systems.



FEAT is a group of high-level experienced people. We offer both programming and Tochnog consultancy services:

- Support of numerical analyses using Tochnog Professional. Wide experience in geotechnics and mechanics.

- Direct contact with developers; no in-between help desk or commercial staff.

- Interfacing with mecway finite element and pre-post program.