Basic contract - Order form

For first-time ordering do the following to order:

  • The order.pdf contains the all available licenses. Please select the appropriate license, fill in the complete form, and send it to us by postal service.
  • Forward the payment matching the selected license to our bank account.
  • After the previous steps are finished we will send you the dongle and the Tochnog Professional distribution containing the executable, all manuals, example calculations, and special files to interface with the GID pre- and postprocessor.

Customized contracts

Upon request the contract for the professional version can be customized to your needs. Please contact us.


We are looking for distributors. Worldwide requests from companies and universities will be considered; we are especially interested in the Asian and USA market. Distributors only need to bring in new customers and will be financially rewarded for that; the actual distribution of Tochnog Professional and the support of customers will be taken care of by FEAT. Please contact us if you are interested. In case we consider you to be a appropriate candidate, we will provide you with detailed information about the financial conditions. Only requests with email address from companies or universities will be looked into (no yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.).




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