Zueblin is a main contributor to the development of the Tochnog Professional FE program. It has a a profound knowledge of, and practical experience with, FE analysis in geotechnical and building processes. FEAT develops for Zueblin special purpose products, like the Sofia monitoring program (please refer to the special products page).




RWE Power AG applies Tochnog Professional in the field of lignite opencast mines, with advanced soil models, etc. Feat develops for RWE Power AG a set of Femop programs enabling easy and fast pre- and post processing of deep excavations in complex geotechnical environments. Some details on the Femop series of programs can be found on the special product pages.

Sjubb Fluid dynamics and heat transfer - Harengus Physics - Over 30 years of experience. Sjubb

The Department of Scienze Geologiche e Geotecnologie of the Universitą degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca and FEAT have a long term cooperation on the development of the STONE program, dedicated to rockfall modelling. State of the art modelling options include include stochastic analysis, rock fragmentation, easy pre- and postprocessing, etc.

Mecway is a Finite Element package with build in pre- and postprocessing. It is an affordable quality program, with a clear user interface, CAD import and offering a broad spectrum of FE calculations.  It can preprocess and postprocess for Tochnog. Mecway

GMSH is a pre- and postprocessor. It is available for free. Tochnog can read the mesh generated by GMSH, and write postprocessing files for GMSH.

Innovative Solutions for maritime service providers

Internet hub propagating the use of advanced soil models. It is run by a group of leading researchers in the field of geomechanics, and offers a discussion platform for mutual help and information exchange.

Geolink is a german based company specialising in client support on advanced numerical calculations. It has a long term background in many practical world calculations, and profound understanding of combined geotechnics and structural design. geolink

WELSIM is a Finite Element package with build in pre- and postprocessing. It is an affordable program, with a clear user interface, running under MS Windows and Linux.

Adonis is a free 2D finite element program for geotechnical calculations. Tochnog Professional can read the mesh generated by Adonis. adonis


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